The Process

Designing your system

When designing an efficient, affordable system for you the construction material of your home needs to be taken into account. Then, to accurately assess the amount of heat required by a room, the calculation of heat loss through walls, windows, floor, ceiling and air changes needs to be considered.

The radiators can then be selected from a range of sizes to suit the room and if you require underfloor heating, the pipe lengths and spacings are calculated at this stage. The domestic hot water requirements are then factored in to ascertain the heat load of the house.

We can then select the boiler size and calculate the pipe sizing to match the requirements.

Installing your system

Our qualified and experienced engineers will install your system quickly and cleanly. For new build projects we work in conjunction with your builder to minimise delays in construction. For established properties we endeavour to cause as little disruption as possible.

Maintaining your system

We recommend an annual service carried out by our experienced technicians to ensure trouble free operation of our reliable systems.

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