Powering your system

Powering your System

Central Heating is powered by a centralized heating unit or Boiler. It can be just about anything that can produce Hot Water, Heatsmart has the capability to design, supply & install a Central Heating system powered from any of the following options:


Log Burners with Wetbacks
Raburn & Aga Kitchen stoves
Wood Boilers
High Efficiency Wood Gasification Boilers

Wood Pellet

Wood Pellet Boilers
Wood Pellet Fires with Wetback

Diesel / Oil / Kerosene

Non-Condensing Oil Boilers
High Efficiency Condensing Oil Boilers
Waste Oil Boilers

Natural Gas / LPG

Non-Condensing Gas/LPG Boilers
High Efficiency Condensing Gas/LPG Boilers
Condensing Gas/LPG Combi-Boilers


Air Sourced Heatpump (Air to Water)

Geothermal Ground Source

Groundsource Heatpump (Water to Water)

Gas Absorption Heatpumps

Gas Absorption Heatpumps (Coming Soon)

Coal & Multi-fuel

Coil Boilers
Pellet / Coal / Grain etc etc Boilers

Combination Systems

Combining Various options to give best efficiency, power output & running cost
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