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Apricus Solar Collector 

NZ Government figures released recently showed that over the past 5 years electricity prices have increased by 27% ~ that equates to 2.5 times the rate of inflation. A Solar Hot Water system is one of the most effective ways to reduce your monthly energy bills, a correctly sized & installed Solar Collector system will provide you with around 75% of your Hot water annually. A typical family will use approx. 45l of hot water per person per day, this stacks up to be 40-50% of the Electricity bill every month.

In the warmer months (spring through to Autumn) a Solar Collector can provide almost all of your Hot water requirements, in the depths of winter it will still pre-heat the cold water in your cylinder, meaning your element (or heating system) has much less work to do.

Heatsmart is an independent solar installer, we offer a stand-alone installation service to a new or existing cylinder or we can integrate a solar array into any of our home heating systems. A Heatsmart home heating system with Solar will satisfy all of your annual heating and hot water requirements without the need for turning on the Electrical element at all.  That is a significant saving on your Electricity bills!

All of the systems we install are Energy Star ® rated ~ more information about the performance of Solar Hot Water systems can be found here: 

We currently offer Solar arrays from the following Manufacturers:
Apricus are an Australian company & one of the leaders in 'Evacuated Tube' Solar Hot Water Technology. They offer some of the best performance figures & longest warranties available in the New Zealand market. Their systems come in 20, 30 or 40 tube configurations, have a very user friendly / fully automatic controller & typically can be installed & commissioned in 1 day. Heatsmart is an approved Apricus installer.


Thermacell is a New Zealand designed, patented & manufactured 'Evacuated Flat plate' Solar Collector, almost unique in the market. Their systems come in a variety of configurations that can give flexibility to the installation. Again a user friendly controller and a typical installation time of 1 day.

Thermacell + Rayburn DHW UF & Rads
Heatsmart install ~ Rayburn Stove & Thermacell Solar collector powering Underfloor Heating, Radiator & Domestic Hot Water system (fully Off-Grid System)

Sunshine Solar
Sunshine Solar is a very performance & cost competitive 'evacuated tube' system, they offer good warranties, a fairly good controller & can be installed in 1 day. Well supported in New Zealand.

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